The Growler

So, what is a Growler?

That which carries fresh beer from The Filling Station to your house (or wherever you’d like to take it). Growlers allow you to enjoy high quality beer wherever you choose.  Here’s how it works:

  • We sell 32oz and 64oz Growlers, the bottle itself is a onetime purchase.
  • Fill the growler with your craft beer of choice and take it wherever you’d like to enjoy.
  • Once you finish your tasty beverage, bring it back to us for a refill.  We will exchange your dirty Filling Station growler for a new, clean growler. We also honor Growlers from other places, you just have to bring them clean.

We have 24 craft beers on tap that rotate due to season and demand. Looking for something special? Just let us know.

Some Growler Fun Facts:

  • Completely reusable container – unless you drop it…
  • Holds half a gallon of fresh tasty beer
  • Keeps for 7-10 weeks or more as long as you house it nicely (cold and in the dark)
  • Once opened, you have 24 – 48 hours (depending on the first pour) to enjoy